Nova Scotia Teen Publishes a Fantasy Novel: The Tales of Nalor

In the past few months, a young Nova Scotia teen has been making waves as a self-published author. What started as a way to pass the time (and avoid doing schoolwork) during COVID-19, has emerged as quite an achievement.

The 13-year old author is Jack Crawford, who is an avid reader of the fantasy genre. He is also a Dungeons and Dragons aficionado. This allowed him to create entire worlds with just his imagination.

Young Jack Crawford has always had a penchant for writing. Even in the 3rd grade, he was able to write a three-sentence summary that turned into five pages. He has always been more of a reader than a writer, however, he has developed as a writer as well.

An excited Jack Crawford on the day 250 of his books arrived by courier.

With this love for reading and writing, Jack had written a fantasy novel of his very own at the age of 13. The novel is titled as The Tales of Nalor, and it follows the story of the siblings Matt and Maya. In the story they move into a mansion that was abandoned by their late great aunt. The siblings soon start exploring the place, and stumble into the study, where they find a fireplace. The fireplace emanates magic, and transports them to the land of Nalor. A medievalesque world where magic, and mythical creatures roam.

The level of detail and vocabulary in the story are very sophisticated, and shows the young writer’s growing skill.  His mother, Sonya Crawford has this to say.

“His description is phenomenal. It’s not telling the story, so much so as you’re kind of living the story through the characters. So it’s really incredible to read the way he writes, because it’s a shock to me.”

Jack had always been independent beyond his years, and after writing the manuscript for his book, he set out to look for potential publishers. During his search, his Father received a voicemail from Writers Republic, a self-publishing company. The New Jersey based company expressed an interest in making young Jack’s publishing dreams a reality.

His supportive mother has this to say about the company.

“They were awesome with the process, and they treated Jack like the author.” I would talk when it came to just clarifying, but they went through Jack first unless he wanted me to be the one on the phone, talking with them.”

Jack Crawford holding a 50/50 draw in the summer to raise money to have his book published.

Thus started his journey to being one of the youngest self-published authors around. With the self-publishing company’s help, Jack was given the chance to get his first literary work published. In order to finance the publishing process, Jack and his brother went around their Brule Point neighborhood, selling squares. They also did two 50/50 draws.  His father also posted the draw on Facebook, and within four hours, they were able to earn $1000 for the publishing project.

This is money well spent though, because all of all 250 copies of Tales of Nalor were sold quite fast. Jack has this to say about his successful foray into self-publishing.

“I’m very happy that so many people want to buy my book. “It’s really awesome to be a published author at 12 and having my own book, like, right in front of me, that’s already published, that has a cover… it’s surreal.”

If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, you could check Writers Republic, and purchase it from their online store.

Jack Crawford, now 13, in his Hilden home.

After selling a majority of the copies for his book, Jack is now ready for a new challenge. For a writer so young, it is sky’s the limit. With the funds accumulated from his book sales Jack has bought a new MacBook Air. This will help him create even more fantastic stories. As of now, Jack is working on yet another book, and fulfilling his writing potential even more.

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