A Quick Guide on Self-Publishing with Writers Republic

In this day and age, self-publishing has become quite commonplace. But a few decades ago, self-publishing was considered a very risky endeavor.

This is especially true if you are just a newbie writer and you don’t know the first about self-publishing. Nowadays, self-publishing has become easier due to technological advances such as the print on demand services.

Several self-publishing companies have also developed to help aspiring writers to publish their books themselves.

Writers Republic LLC is a relatively new self-publishing company, and it has helped a number of self-published authors already. But before you think of self-publishing with the company, you should know what it entails with these quick guide.

What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is a publishing form wherein the author publishes a book without the help of a traditional publishing house.

As it was stated earlier, self-publishing a book was not really considered a viable self-publishing option because it was too time consuming and expensive.

But after technological advances it has become a lot more viable as a publishing option. Here are some of the advantages of self-publishing your book.

  • You will no longer have to send your manuscript to traditional publishing houses, and run the risk of being rejected.
  • You can start on the book publishing as early as possible.
  • You will get to keep all the rights to your book.
  • You will have overall creative control over the book publishing process.
  • You will get to keep the royalties for every one of your books sold.

How much would it normally cost to self-publish a book?

One of the few advantages of self-publishing a book is that you will have to pay for the book yourself.

And seeing as it can be a bit pricey to publish a book by yourself, you should at least have a rough estimate of the costs involved.

Here are some of the phases of the book publishing process and their average costs.

Book editing process

After you finish the book writing process, the next step is the book editing process. The book editing process, entails you have a book editor to look at your work and make necessary corrections to grammar, spelling, plotting, etc.

Costs: It can cost around $200 to $1000 depending on the ability and experience of the book editor.

Book Cover design

When you market your book, it is important that your book cover is attractive as possible. Because, as shallow as it may seem, the book cover is still a very big factor when it comes to selling your book.

Costs: It can cost around $100 to $600 depending on the skill of the book designer involved.

Book Formatting

During this phase of book publishing, your book will be formatted into paperback, hardback and eBook format.

Costs: It can cost from $50 to $300 depending on what book design firm you choose.

Book Marketing

The book marketing is by far the most unpredictable and multifaceted aspect of the book publishing process. This is because there are many media forms that you can take advantage of to market your book.

Costs:  You can choose to market your book through social media and book blogs and it won’t cost you a thing. But if you choose to market your book through traditional media and it can reach the $500 mark or even more.

What does Writers Republic offers?

As it was stated earlier, publishing a book can be quite expensive. Which is what makes working with Writers Republic a great idea. By signing up with Writers Republic, you will receive all the help you need and have access to some great book publishing services at very reasonable prices.

Writers Republic offers three publishing packages, and each publishing package has a myriad of sub-services to answer all the company’s client author’s needs. These packages are the Black and White, Premium Color and Children’s Book publishing package.

Black and White: This package is predominantly created to cater to text based books.

Premium Color: This package is created to cater to author clients who are publishing in the picture book format.

Children’s Book: This package is created to cater to clients who are publishing a children’s book of their very own.

Aside from the many sub services offered by the publishing packages, Writers Republic also offers around the clock assistance and an online bookshop from where you can sell your book.

Is Writers Republic worth it?

Writers Republic LLC is a relatively young self-publishing company, but despite its relative newness it is made up of highly skilled publishing professionals who are veterans in their specialties. Also the real beauty of working with a self-publishing company is that you are guaranteed that every aspect of the book publishing process will be taken care of.

Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps

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