Publishing with Writers Republic — Yea or Nay? (My Honest Review)

In the past few decades, the book publishing industry has changed a great deal. Back in the day, potential authors had to work with traditional publishing houses.

These publishing houses were notoriously difficult to get a publishing deal with. If a writer does not fit their specifications, they could just reject a book proposal. Luckily, self-publishing companies have started to rise in the past few decades.

These types of publishing houses will support would be authors, and help them achieve their publishing potential. Over the years, a lot of self-publishing houses have been established.

One such self-publishing house is Writers Republic.

The self-publishing company has been around for a few years, and they have made a solid reputation for themselves in self-publishing circles. So if you are an author who wants to publish a book, you should give them a look.

In this post, you’re going to learn:

What is Writers Republic?

Writers Republic is a New Jersey based company that specializes in helping authors publish their work themselves. Writers Republic knows how difficult it is to write and publish a book, so their main goal is to make the self-publishing process as easy as possible, and enable client authors to reach their full book publishing potential.

Is Writers Republic legit?

In the past few years, the self-publishing company has suffered malicious reviews from unknown bloggers. The reviews pegged the company as a scam, however, if the research is to be believed, the company is very legit.

The services are well-thought out, their website is efficient, and the people who actually bought services from the them only had good things to say about it.

How does Writers Republic work?

Writers Republic works practically the same way as other self-publishing houses. The company employs highly-skilled and experienced professionals to publish a book.

This is a difficult prospect, because there are so many stages to take before it is completed. It needs to be edited, published, marketed, sold, and distributed to the reading public.

The entire process of publishing a book will usually take a long time and a small fortune of the typical self-publishing writer. Judging from the prices and the scope of the services, newbie self-publishing authors will get great help at an affordable rate.

Why should you choose Writers Republic over a different publishing company?

One of the best things about Writers Republic is the competency of its employees. It has taken great lengths to hire only the very best publishing professionals.

According to a lot of testimonials, their roster of employees is top notch, and they go the extra mile to fulfill all of the client’s requests. If you’re looking for a self-publishing company that will get you the most for your money, then Writers Republic is a great choice.

What services does Writers Republic provide?

Writers Republic offers a wide variety of services. According to their website, each and every one of these services has been specially designed for efficiency and effectiveness. They are divided into categories, which are editorial, publishing, and marketing. They also offers add-ons should the client require it.


Before a book could be published, it has to go through the editorial process. This is the only way that a book could be given the green light to be published. Here is a list of their editorial services.


The copyediting service provides client authors with a team of veteran copyediting specialist to ensure all forms of output are good enough to publish.


The indexing service ensures that the client author’s book has a detailed and effective index. This will ensure that readers find relevant terms and topics.

Structural editing

The structural editing service ensures that the manuscript’s overall storyline is checked for inconsistencies and open-ended plotlines.


The publishing services are quite extensive and they fulfill a lot of publishing needs. Here is a short list of their publishing services.

Print on demand with worldwide distribution

The client authors could have their books printed whenever a reader wants to purchase one. This cuts out the need to print out a large supply of physical copies.

Print and digital formatting

The print and digital formatting commissions a roster of experienced layout artist to enhance the client author’s manuscript. Its interior layout will be enhanced for print and digital submission.

Multiple printed copies

This service includes ten paperback copies, and three hardback copies. Should the author client, or a bookstore order more copies, the company could also give them bulk printed copies as well.


In order to be found by libraries, booksellers, and literary organizations ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) and LCCNs (Library of Congress Control Number) are very necessary. The service provides ISBNs and LCCNs to client authors.

eBook conversion and distribution

With this service, client authors are given the chance to have their books in various formats for global distribution.

Online availability and 80% royalty rate

The service will increase the client author’s chances of earning from their books. For each book, client authors will be getting an 80% royalty rate.

Media release campaign

The media release campaign service will give client authors the opportunity to market their work through various traditional media forms such as newspapers, TV advertisements, and radio stations.


Aside from the editorial and publishing process, one of the most important aspects of the book publishing process is the marketing. Luckily, Writers Republic has that covered. Here is a short list of their marketing services.

Web design

With this service, client authors will have a web-design team that will create a website for optimum book marketing.

Book launch program

The book launch program gives client authors the opportunity to place their books in the public eye.

Book video trailer

The book video trailer service gives client authors the opportunity to create their very own book videos to expand their marketing range.

Audiobook premium

The Audiobook Premium service allows client authors to take advantage of the audiobook market. The service reformats the client’s books into audiobook form.


Aside from the three main services, Writers Republic also offers add-ons that will ensure that you cover all the bases.

eBook distribution

The eBook distribution service grants client authors the chance to take advantage of the eBook market. The service reformats the client author’s book into eBook form, and distributes it through various marketing channels.


A well-made illustration could really enhance the reading process, and elevate a book. The Illustration service gives client authors the aid of a skilled and experienced team of artists.

Book cover design

This add-on allows client authors to choose their own book cover design, and a design team to help bring the design to reality.

Book cover copywriting

The book cover copywriting add-on gives client authors the ability to pique their reader’s interests through well-written back cover summaries.

Pre-assigned control number program

A pre-assigned control number or PCN is a set of numbers that allow readers to locate a record of a specific book from any literary-related organizations or groups. This service provides client authors with a PCN.

Formatting and layout service

The formatting and layout service will allow client authors the chance to format and organize their books for neat and easy reading.

Book returns program

With this add-on, bookstores and retailers could return the copies of the client author’s books that were not sold. This option will make it easier for the client author’s book to be accepted by local bookstores.

Data entry

This add-on service is meant for client authors with handwritten manuscripts. The client authors will no longer have to do the tedious task of converting their manuscripts into digital format.

Correction/revisions services

This ensures that the client author’s books are in the best condition possible. The books are checked from cover to cover for any possible errors. This ensures that only a perfect copies are sent to the book stands.

Interior graphics

The interior graphics add-on gives client authors the chance to enhance their books with visual trappings that will make the content more interactive and entertaining.

Hardback upgrade

The Hardback upgrade add-on grants client authors the means to decorate their dust-jackets with customized designs.

US Copyright registration

The US copyright registration add-on gives client authors the ability to secure their book’s copyright. This ensures that all the author’s rights to the book are protected.

Cover and interior proofs

With this add-on, client authors can have the physical copies of the cover and interior proofs sent to them. The client authors will no longer have to navigate through a complicated online form.

100% royalty program

While client authors get 80% of their royalties, this add-on guarantees client authors a full 100% for every book sold within three years.

How does Writers Republic pay you?

Like other self-publishing companies, Writers Republic does not really pay you. Instead, you will be paying yourself through your royalties.

Royalties are money gained through the sales of a book. The amount of royalties you will get, depends on how many copies of your book are sold.

For each book sold, the author will receive a guaranteed 80%. This is a lot more than what traditional publishing houses give their authors.

Does Writers Republic guarantee all its products and services?

It was expressly written in the Writers Republic website, that the publishing house does not guarantee a book’s success. This is an honest declaration, because there really is no guarantee that a book will be a success.

What they can guarantee is that they will do everything in their power to make this happen. Each and every one of Writers Republic’s services are specially made to enhance a book’s chances of success.

What are people saying about Writers Republic?

Ever since its creation Writers Republic has helped a good number of authors self-publish their works. So if you are curious about how people perceive the company, here are some testimonials from former clients.

Outstanding! My favorite cousin Dave Landry urged me to contact Writers Republic to print and promote my latest book. I have been extremely pleased at every stage of the process and impressed by their hand-holding, quick responses, and professionalism. That is rare to see such superlative customer service. Writers Republic has my highest unqualified recommendation to all other authors.

Leonard H. Le Blanc III

It’s been a pleasant and easy experience. I would recommend Writers Republic’s marketing services to other authors.

Henri Charles Schmid

Working with Writers Republic has been a great experience. I was scared at first because I didn’t know what I was getting into. I am so glad God allowed me to trust them. They are so wonderful and understanding. When I got sick with Covid-19 and almost died and moved back home with my mother (yes, my mother), the staff has been so patient with me. Y’all are great. I would recommend to any author that’s writing a book, let Writers Republic help you. They do great work. Thank you, Writers Republic and staff, for all that y’all do for authors like myself and others.

Sucorro Lynch

My overall experience was very fast. Writers Republic reached out to me months ago. The staff explained everything to me more than once so that I got a clear understanding of what I was getting into within the company. They didn’t pressure me, nor bother me into making this decision. I prayed about it, and 4 months later, I came back and began the process. That was very fast and [I was] understanding everything. Every email and every reply was always right on time or less than 24 hours, which was exceptional. Thanks again. Much love to the staff and services you all provide.

Canise Brooks

So far this has been a great experience for being my first time publishing a book. I have never published a book before, but the people who are working with me are truly helping me out through the whole process. I very much appreciate what the people down at Writers Republic do. Definitely recommend to other aspiring authors.

Aden Quick

I liked working with Writers Republic and might use this service again. I would recommend Writers Republic’s marketing services to other authors.

Ashley Root

Writers Republic is a steadfast company, offering the right hybrid publishing to make it easy and reliable for authors. Throughout the entire publishing process, Writers Republic staff made me feel confident and safe that my book will be successful. Great company to work with! Will definitely recommend Writers Republic in the future.

Luke Carter

I am extremely happy with Writers Republic and all of their services. They are without a doubt a very professional organization. And they fully understood the emotion and meaning behind the entire project. I recommend Writers Republic’s service to everyone who is wanting to write an extraordinary book.

Eric R. Gokey

Writers Republic has been extremely helpful and understanding. They’ve let me drive the pace of my project as my full-time work schedule has allowed and assisted greatly in my basic understanding of the entire process and programs as a first-time publisher. I would definitely recommend Writers Republic to other authors looking to publish their work.

Kat Karamitros

My experience [with Writers Republic] has been good so far. Everything has been straightforward in helping my book.

Aimee Danroth

Should you use Writers Republic?

After reading this short review, the main question now is whether you should use Writers Republic.

As a whole, Writers Republic is quite an efficient company. It has a roster of publishing professionals that are experienced with giving aspiring authors the help they need. They also have a wide selection of publishing services.

According to their past clients, their services are well-balanced, and relatively affordable. They are also very solid and efficient self-publishing company, and is especially perfect for newbie self-publishing authors.

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